Miguel N. Angles was born in Bolivia, Chuma's community, Muñeca's province, La Paz department in 1900. When he was six months old, his family moved to Moho, which at that times belonged to Huancane´s province in Puno´s department in Peru. There, he grew up and completed his primary and secondary studies; the latter at the Glorious San Carlos School of Puno. He got married with Maria Aleman Alayza in 1920 and had 5 children; the youngest one passed away when he was only three years old due to meningoencephalitis. After that, he started working hard at the Estanco de la Sal and around 1940 rented the Calahuyo

The Collection

Collection of andean musical compilations collected by Miguel N. Angles in Puno in the mid-twentieth century


Presentación Colección Miguel Angles

Presentación “Colección Miguel Angles” Arequipa, 20 de diciembre del 2021 Nadie imaginaría...